Monday, May 21, 2012


I'm still here, I'm not sure what happened to the beginning of May, but apparently it's the 21st today! It turns out that everyone getting sick for a week is a way bigger operation with a baby. It takes time to wash and dry and iron everything that piled up, to restock the freezer with all the meals that were eaten up almost everyday when we were too miserable to cook, and so on and so on.

And it is also apparently incredibly difficult to photograph a 15 and a half month old baby in the clothes you made her, in fact I'm finding it increasingly difficult to get her to wear clothes at all lately. Apparently being naked is all the rage, and standing in front of the mirror pointing at your belly button and roaring with laughter is too, in a big way!

15 months

All the nakedness has ironically led to more washing as I chase her around the house sponging wee out of the carpet with cloth nappies, and my neighbours must think I'm a saint because the clothesline is full of big terry towel squares!

But anyhow, this is Elka this morning in a hat I made a very long time ago, from this pattern. Finally she has decided that hats are alright again, of course, she really only likes to wear them inside... and this one is slightly squashed from being carried around in my bag everyday. I will endeavour to take more photos of her in the stretchy things I made her for the KCWC, which seems to be such a long time ago now, and I will also attempt to finish off the overalls I started making for her way back then.


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gret said...

She's adorable Bec, and growing up fast! Congrats on getting any clothing made with a toddler in tow! Love the little bonnet, thinking of making something like this for my littlest.