Monday, June 4, 2012

Handprinted Swap II

So I haven't sewn a single thing with a sewing machine in the past week. I haven't done anything crafty, other than mend or finish things that have been bugging me for months and slowly the house is looking better, tidier, less washing piles, more yummy food in the afternoon and dinner cooked early and less of a scramble in the evenings, and I've eve gotten in some ridiculously early bedtimes too. But I couldn't resist signing up to the second handprinted fabric swap, I wasn't going to, I ummed and arrrhhhed, but on the last day of the sign up I just found myself writing the email to say I would. So, I guess the messiness will return for a little while. The quilt I started when Elka was still camping out in my tummy will sit a little longer, it was next on my to do list, and I'll have to get cracking...

  custom printed linen
This is a print by Leslie, I'm really loving the multicolours and simplicity, and the sharpness of the ink. Now I just need to figure out where to start... what to use? what to print? what colour?? on what???


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