Friday, September 28, 2012

Here's Hoping!

kids week faves
1. Peekaboo Bonnet #2, 2. Color Theory Top, 3. KCWC Days 5 and 6, 4. Untitled,
5. Sailboat skirt, 6. PatternH, 7. stella3, 8. Zonnebeertje en Brombeertje, 9. Sarouel + Blazer

I'm going to attempt the Elsie Marley Kids Clothes Week Challenge again this year to make Spring and Summer clothes for Little Miss E, who at almost 20 months has finally hit the 10kg mark! We cheered. She is small, but our doctor says this is because she never. ever. stops. And she doesn't. Last time I attempted this challenge, we were plagued with months and months of colds, flu, tummy bugs and teeth, but it is Spring now, I have really gone to town on cleaning and decluttering, I have a sewing space set up and it is mine, all mine, and it is relatively organised. And because Elka is so small she is still wearing the robot pants that I made last time around but never photographed, and so I'm hoping she'll get a little while out of the clothes I make this time around.

This is my to-do wish list:
- Oliver and S bubble dress
- Figgys Ayashe blouse
- a robot dress, from an undecided pattern, from this fabric (E loves robots thanks to this wonderful book)

I'm also hoping the print some more fabric using my cat stamp to make another top or dress, but I've found that if I make very big lists, I feel overwhelmed and they don't become reality, so I'm keeping it short and simple, and keeping my fingers crossed!


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lili ash said...

i was just scoping out your blog after seeing your super cute ayeshe top and saw this and just had to say "hi". love all your projects and inspirations!