Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I just noticed that I haven't posted in such a long time. Two months I think. And with a little cluster of emails about dolls and patterns and online shops, it occurred to me that people must still be reading- or at least checking my little blog.

I am still here.

I have been reading lots of blogs, and some books- parts of books, I'm yet to actually finish any book other than Save Our Sleep since E arrived- 19 months ago now! I have been chasing E and watching her grow, and learning so much, about her and me, and Joe. And it feels like we've all been sick a million times this winter which has been so exhausting.

I haven't turned on my sewing machine in such. a. long. time. As much as I have wanted to, space is just such a hassle for us. We even drove to Ikea and bought me a very long and narrow sewing table to fit into our bedroom, but getting the space organised has just been too much for me to think about with everything else, I am slowly edging towards it though. It's Spring now, so I seem to have caught the decluttering bug, not that I know where all this junk comes from, and I am sure there will be another load of it along soon enough, but I seem to be getting on top of it.

I relisted some of my old doll patterns in my Etsy Shop, in the hope that it will inspire me to kick on with other projects, and I even went through a mysterious box of trial and error toy sewing patterns that had been bugging me for so long. It's funny to revisit that stuff and see how much time and energy went into it all, and then kaput! A baby arrived. Part of me wants to be doing all of that stuff again, but this time with my little baby is so fleeting, and lovely, and intense and I want to be all here for it. So I guess it will happen gradually, when it's all ready to happen.


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