Tuesday, October 16, 2012

KCWC via Instagram.

kcwc via instagram!

Well, I managed to make some things this past week! Despite having a baby who came down with a fever on the Sunday night before the KCWC started. I was thinking 'just my luck', but as it turned out, once things calmed down a little, she had some very, very long day sleeps, and by neglecting the housework and most other things, it all seemed to fall into place.

So I made two Ayeshe tops, one out of some cheap stuff from Spotlight, but I think it looks alright, and one from some Nani Iro that I have had stashed away since doll making days. I made the Nani Iro/Oliver and S Bubble Dress that I have been wanting to make for such a long time, I just have three buttons to sew on. I managed to make an apron dress from an Ottobre pattern that I've used before- I made Elka one in Autumn and she is now wearing it as a top with shorts on hot days, and I managed to use some of handprinted  linen from the fabric swap a few months ago, which made me happy, I think it's so hard to decide to cut things like this up because they are special, but I really liked the way it turned out. And I managed to trace a short pattern and choose some fabric, because I realised toward the end of the week that shorts and skirts are probably what Elka needs most... And I think I've chosen a pattern to make a robot dress from.

Now I just need to take some proper photos, but part of my sewing strategy was to just use instagram to save time, and it seems to have worked. My username is 'beecah' by the way, as it is most things.

Yay me.


Caroline said...

Good on you Bec. Lovely little things you are making there, and look at your little cutie, getting so big now!

Anna said...

She has to be the best dressed baby in the Southern Hemisphere (at least)!

You make such beautiful things, Becca!