Friday, August 28, 2009

A few of my favourite things!

I mentioned briefly on Monday that I had found some amazing fabrics recently, and as promised, here they are:

pollen by mel bomba

bellbirds by mel bomba

Pollen and Bell Birds by Melissa Bombardiere. I just bought a mix pack with some small quantities to see if I like the texture and printing-- and I do! The printing is so amazingly perfect and the designs are quite complicated. I love this stuff and will definitely be returning to Melissa's Etsy Shop!

spring birds by danielle smeets

woodland by daneille smeets

And these are by Danielle Smeets of the amazing Of Paper and Thread, and who I am in awe of! I've bought a couple of mix packs and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of some larger pieces I ordered during the week. Like Melissa's, Danielle's fabrics are so amazingly printed! I find these designs beautiful in their simplicity and they work with so many other fabrics-- great toy fabrics!

I just hope that my photos do them justice- just ironed from pre-washing, and linen is hard to get perfectly flat!

If you have any favourite fabrics you'd like to share, add your name and do so! And don't worry, if I caught you unaware, I'm going to make this a regular thing!

Ok, some Dew Drop Girls await!


1 comment:

Danielle said...

Thanks so much for giving my fabrics a mention! Am so pleased you like them and am loving seeing all the gorgeous things you are making with them :)
And I LOVE Mel's designs too - will have to purchase some of her fabric soon!