Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Glebe News

My good news about Glebe is that I've been at it long enough now that
I'll be able to book my stall monthy, and I'll be in the same spot
every week! This is fantastic because it means a 6am alarm wake up
instead of a 5am one... which means a little less stress the night
before, and it means that packing the car won't have to be such a
stealth mission, we try to be super-quiet, but everything echos in the
stairwell, and I think we've probably woken more than a few
neighbours... It also means that I don't line up each morning and wait for my name to be called, and hope that there is a good stall number left. This is good!

And speaking of Glebe, I thought I'd show off some of the cool stuff that Denise has been selling her daughter Bella over the last few weeks. Bella is away on a trip but is about to return with lots of fun stuff to add to her collection. My stall has been next to this one for the last 3 weeks and I love watching how people react to this jewellery! Especially the older folks with the scrabble tiles-- they need to have them!

at glebe

at glebe

at glebe

Find Bella's blog here!

And whilst I've already used the segway 'speaking of', speaking of lego, have you seen this??

James May Lego House (Sep 12)

James May from Top Gear is building a lego house?!

Happy Tuesday! I have to go fabric shopping today... something I'm really dreading... NOT!



kim said...

I'd love to have a Lego house! I am still totally addicted to their games... tooo cute

Bella said...

Heya - i was just searching google and found your website with my stuff on it! Mum told me that you were going to post it so thank you!!! I also just got a write up in the Sydney Morning Herald style section last week from my stuff in a store in Newtown.
I look forward to meeting you this weekend!