Thursday, February 4, 2010

I take it all back...

About little Paco... she has turned out to be super sweet, super affectionate, and a total one of a kind! She does this strange prancing thing when you pat her head, she goes around in circles, almost like she makes a figure 8 over and over... but alas, there was a funny twist of fate which occurred over the
weekend, thanks to jerky real estate agents, which has meant that she
could go and live with people she already knew in a house... with a yard, and a cat flap! And be her happy-outdoor-self-again... Handing her over was bitter sweet, getting her into the cat bag was so sad... I only had her for 4 nights, but we were starting to bond. I don't understand those cat abandon-ing types... but I know I did the right thing by her, the easy thing would have just been to keep her here in my little flat staring out at the world she knows so as not to break my heart...

Hope you're having a slightly less heart wrenching week!



Virginia said...

You did do the right thing by Paco. So despite feeling crappy, you get major karma points.
My week sucks, but for totally different, and completely uninteresting reasons.
The knitting however (and various other craftings) is going swimmingly!

Kirsty said...

and... Cat's rock