Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Elka's blankets

I love quilts, but I'm not a very diligent quilter. I have trouble with the repetitiveness of making matching blocks, I'm a bit impatient with my measurements, and I generally loose interest three quarters of the way through, which results in things sitting around for years and years, or in much smaller quilts than I originally intended... but I did manage to finish 2 quilts for Elka to play on while I was pregnant, one is this scrap quilt that I started yonks ago, and the other one I started 4 years ago when I was still at uni and so I could only find time on during breaks, and it got pushed aside time and time again...


But they are finished, and sewn together in that wonky, lazy way that would scare true-blue quilting types.

I also managed to start two new quilts along the way, both of which have come to a stand-still, the one below was just a way using up my left-over screen prints, and I decided to sew it together by hand, but considering how hot is was last summer and how enormous and impatient I became, it's still waiting for me to get back to it. I also managed to make 17 blocks of a 20 block quilt. I think they are lovely and I made them in a mad, obsessive rush, and then one day (in September) I stopped, and I don't even know where I stored them... but I'm sure they will make a lovely quilt some day...

Lucky I have a grandmother who takes quilting seriously, who can sew triangles perfectly and who takes orders.

Lucky me, and Lucky Elka!



june at noon said...

Such a great collection! I especially love that second photo.

suzanne said...

Your quilts are lovely! I particularly like the first one - the fabric combinations are fab!