Wednesday, June 15, 2011

playing tetris...

moving 1

moving 3

We've been here for two full weeks now- these pictures were from the first few hours- and it's now starting to resemble a home. Our old place was cramped and cold, and it was stuck in between a railway line and a highway, it was close to uni, which used to be a good thing, but it was starting to become a bad thing. There was no window in the bathroom, and no bathtub, we were the first flat you'd see as you drove in the driveway, and everyone could see straight into our loungeroom which made breastfeeding interesting at times. We only ever meant to stay there for a year, but life conspired around us, and we kind of got stuck there, and then when I fell pregnant I couldn't stand the thought of having to pack everything up and then unpack it and rearrange it somewhere else.

And if it wasn't for the neighbours from hell, we may still be there, listening to the coal trains shake the building, turning the heater way up, and attempting to cover up and close up the windows and doors and block the draughts, and hoping that those neighbours would turn their stupid music down, and that they would stop ringing the wrong door bell at three in the morning because they are drunk again, and god only knows what else.

But lots of important things happened there too, and we met more good people than just that one bad lot. It was sad to leave the place where Elka first came into our lives, and where so many important things happened, but it was liberating to be able to leave the bad stuff behind. Now we have a bathtub, and a window in the bathroom, no one can see me feeding the baby, and we have a garage which has quickly become a special man-cave type place, we are very close to the beach and to town, and soon all the tetris-ing will be done, and it will be our home.

18 weeks


benconservato said...

well done! Good move, it sounds.

Tammy said...

Yay! Hope you love it where you are now!

Caroline said...

Sounds like a good move and hope you are enjoying settling in.
We actually got kicked out of our rental when our son was six months old and at the time it was very sad having to leave our little home where we had just started our family, but it actually worked out fabulously moving to a great new place and we never looked back.